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10 more MPs to enter Cabinet today?


Unconfirmed reports claimed that ten more Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MPs will be sworn in as Cabinet Ministers of the government, a claim that neither the President’s Media Division nor the Ruling Party has confirmed.

The swearing in is set to take place prior to the Cabinet Meeting this (03) afternoon, according to claims.

Earlier, it was reported that 12 MPs including those of the SLPP, were to be sworn in as Cabinet Minister, but the event was dragged in due to a number of circumstances, such as the President’s objection to certain names included in the list of MPs proposed by the Ruling Party.

The Ruling Party MPs’ meeting is set to take place after the Cabinet meeting today, and a two-day debate on the proposed 22nd Amendment to the Constitution will also take place this week.

Accordingly, this week’s parliamentary affairs, including the debate, is said will be discussed at the parliament MP group meeting, according to reports.



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