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21 arrested near Presidential secretariat


Police have arrested 21 people for protesting near the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo today (20) morning.

One monk, four women, and 16 men were arrested by Sri Lanka Police.

A statement from the police said that a group of protestors obstructed the two gates leading to the President’s Office from Lotus Road on Sunday (19) night, and then obstructed the two gates leading to the Finance Ministry, and the Treasury as well.

It added that the protestors set up tents at these gates, and this situation prevented public employees reporting for essential services at the respective offices from entering or exiting the premises.

Sri Lanka Police said the protest also inconvenienced the general public as well.

Sri Lanka Police added that the protest also caused a delay of half an hour for the Finance Secretary to attend the meeting with the International Monetary Fund.

The suspects are to be produced to court later today, police add.


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