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31% of the urban population has Vitamin D deficiency!


Although Sri Lanka receives sunlight throughout the year, a survey has revealed that one out of every three (31%) of the urban population in Sri Lanka suffers from Vitamin D Deficiency, according to the Health Promotion Bureau (HPB).

In addition, more than half (59%) of the Sri Lankan urban population, as well as approximately half (46%) of school students between the ages of 10-18, are suffering from Vitamin D Insufficiency, according to a statement issued by the bureau.

It further states that similar results have been obtained from a survey conducted among women in the Southern province with over half of them (56%) having insufficient vitamin D levels.

It is a scientific fact that vitamin D is produced in the skin when exposed to sunlight particularly in the morning.

Therefore, the HPB points out the importance to daily exposure to sunlight while adding foods containing vitamin D to the diet.

Also, the HPB warns that this is not advisable for persons who are on medical advice not to expose themselves to sunlight due to a skin condition.


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