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Ahungalle shooter gunned down by STF


The main suspect connected to the attempted assassination in Ahungalle on Wednesday (12) was killed in a Police STF fire on Thursday (13) evening.

Sri Lanka Police said a shooting took place close to a sports ground in Ahungalle. According to reports, the suspect had attempted to fire with a pistol when STF personnel had attempted to arrest them. He was killed after the STF had retaliated.

Yesterday, (12) a man in a car opened fire at a three-wheeler driver at the Ahungalle Three-Wheeler Park using a T-56 Assault Rifle.  The target of the shooting had scuffled with the shooter before the shooter had made a getaway.

The injured man in the shooting was admitted to the Balapitiya Base Hospital, and was identified as a 45-year-old male from Gal Vehera in Ahungalle.


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