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An attempt to uproot Sri Lanka’s National flag from Trincomalee – Handunneththi


The rulers who are greedy for money and kneel before the power politics of India today have sold the Trincomalee oil tank complex, which is a national resource to secure the future of our country, says the Member of the Political Bureau of the JVP Sunil Handunneththi.
Speaking at a media briefing convened at the party head office yesterday (12th), former parliamentarian Sunil Handunneththi said that there were plans to remove the Sri Lankan national flag from Trincomalee through this transfer for 50 years until 2072, even after the world runs out of fossil fuels.
The full statement made by Mr Sunil Handunneththi at the press conference is as follows:
“The Gotabaya Rajapaksa government signed an agreement to hand over the Trincomalee oil tank complex to India through a cabinet memorandum in a very secretive manner, without presenting it to the people. A huge oil tank complex of 845 acres is to be handed over to India. 14 tanks will be given to India, 24 to Sri Lanka and 61 to a joint venture between India and Sri Lanka. India owns 49% of the joint venture that owns 61 tanks. Accordingly, India will receive 30 fuel tanks. With the remaining 14 India will get 44 oil tanks. Since we do not have the dollars to repair the remaining tanks, we believe the remaining tanks too will be given to India on a tax basis.
This agreement is signed to be effective until 2072. But in the meantime, the world has decided to end the use of fossil fuels by 2050. If so, why was this agreement signed for 50 years till 2072? How many rounds of talks did the Minister of Petroleum have with India before signing this agreement? Who joined from the Indian side for the negotiations? Are there any written reports about their discussions with Sri Lanka? Where is the feasibility study report made in this regard? Where is the US $ 550 million estimation report? The people of our country do not know such information. It is not a simple transaction. This tank farm was established during the Second World War due to its geopolitical significance. The oil tank complex has been set up in conjunction with the Trincomalee Port, known as a port where ships can be hidden. Tanks have been built at the bottom to store oil products. Tanks at the top are to store crude oil for refining. Also, the remaining tanks are to store ingredients needed for the refining process. Storage in bottom tanks facilitates delivery of products. It was set up to operate the oil tank complex as a single system.
This agreement has been signed kneeling before India. We are reminded of what happened on July 29, 1987. They got the infamous Indo-Lanka Accord signed after twisting J.R. Jayewardene’s hand. We are reminded of that history. The Sri Lankan army was about 72,000. But 150,000 troops landed from India. The then Indian High Commissioner to this country J.N. Dixit wrote a book about this infamous history after he retired. Now the story of the Rajapaksa era will have to be written. The story of the Jayewardene era is the same as the story of the Rajapaksa era today.
India has serious oil dominance in the world. In 2022, these companies have been listed in several categories. There is one type of company called Maha Ratna. There are companies called Nawa Ratna and Mini Ratna. There are 10 companies in the section called Maha Ratna. Bharatha Heavy Electricals Limited, Bharath Petroleum Corporation Limited, Coal India Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and Indian Oil Corporation Limited. Of these, 9 are major oil companies. There are 343 companies registered under the three major categories of Maha Ratna, Nawa Ratna and Mini Ratna. But Sri Lanka has state-owned companies that have gone bankrupt in every way.
India has grabbed the right to determine the sovereignty, security and future of Sri Lanka. We have no problem with the Indian people. There has been a great deal of diplomatic and historical connection since the time of Lord Buddha. But today, Sri Lanka is brought to its knees before the power politics of India by the greedy rulers of our country. On May 26, 1956, the then Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, delivered an important speech in Parliament. “A country that does not produce its own oil becomes a very weak state.” Jawaharlal Nehru points out that fuel plays a key role in a country’s security. Fuel is something that is tied to politics and power. One of the tools that governs the world is power. Daniel Gerkin has written a book on energy. Those in the fuel industry regard this book as the ‘Mahawansa’ of fuels, and from time to time, new chapters are added to new editions of the book ‘The Prize, The Epic Quest for Oil Money & Power’. In the future, a chapter on Sri Lanka’s kneeling in front of the fuel industry is likely to be added. India already has one of the largest oil refineries in the world. Reliance Jamnagar Refinery refines 1.24 million barrels a day. Singapore has also become one of the largest refineries in the world.
As we have all heard, the Shell Company owns 145 hectares of land for the entire refinery industry. There are 345 hectares in Trincomalee. We kneel down and hand over our own oil tank complex to India. The LTTE organization had a plan to make Trincomalee the capital in their attempt to create a separate state. The plan was made because of the large economic resources based on the Pulmudai Mineral Sands and the Natural Harbour.
IOC is currently in operation in our country. The company plans to set up a warehouse complex in 2022. By 2025 a refinery industry will be built. There are plans to set up more fuel plants in several countries by 2030. However, the governments in Sri Lanka have no such plans. Those companies have plans to get solar power, wind power as well as tidal energy. We are experiencing the dire consequences of ‘everything selling’ government’s dealing with such a well-planned company.
Due to the proximity of India and Sri Lanka, there is another danger to our country. If the world map is turned the other way, Sri Lanka is located above Asia. Sri Lanka is the gateway to India. This map shows the importance of our country to those who are waiting to subdue us – the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English invaders did it in the past and India, China and America are waiting to gulp us now.
Their entry into economic hubs, including the oil tanker issue, the Hambantota port issue and the Colombo Port City issue, should be considered from a geopolitical point of view. They have been trying to build a bridge from Danushkodi to Thalai Mannar since 2002. In September 2015, Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe submitted a report to the Indian Minister of Transport on the construction of this bridge. By constructing this bridge, there is a plan to connect Talaimannar, Mannar, Periyankulam A30 road. Vavuniya, Kebithigollewa, Horowpathana, A39 road and Trincomalee A12 road. When the Trincomalee oil tank complex is given to India, a road is being built from Talaimannar without going around to the south. We emphasize to the people of this country that a very short road has been planned from Dhanushkodi to Trincomalee. India aspires to take the shortest route from India to Sri Lanka via the Adam’s Bridge to Trincomalee. We emphasize to our country’s Chief Incumbents and civil society organizations that the issue of the sovereignty and security of our country may be in jeopardy in the future. We invite all those who are conscious of this to intervene in this matter.
The government says they have to sell these things because they want dollars. These things that are being done when the Parliament of Sri Lanka is suspended are extremely serious. We also need to find out who is at the forefront of this transaction. We saw who was behind the signing of the Kerawalapitiya Yugadanavi agreement at 12.06 pm. The head of the Mineral Development Authority is behind this agreement. Saliya Wickramasuriya, the former chairman of the Authority, is behind this deal. He is the owner of Carlton House. He is an advisor to the Minister of Petroleum and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Authority. We urge the media and the people of this country to look into the role of Saliya Wickremasooriya in this transaction. Who is Ovitigama, the Director-General of the Petroleum Resources Authority? He worked for a company in Aberdeen, the world’s largest oil company, and later joined Vietnam. While working in Vietnam, he joined ‘Viyathmaga’. We openly ask all of you to find out more about these two people. These are people without a mandate. However, they determine the future of our country. The Rajapaksa family has a special relationship with India. Meanwhile, these two people who are directly involved in the oil process are playing a huge role.
The Ministry of Energy and the Petroleum Corporation has published a newspaper advertisement regarding the signing of this agreement. Various facts have been put forward in the advertisement to justify the signing of the agreement. A wonderful picture has been used to say that the Trincomalee oil tanks have been brought back to the country. It shows that the national flag of Sri Lanka is being removed from Trincomalee. What they are trying to say is to show that the national flag is being hoisted in Trincomalee. But when the whole process is studied, it becomes clear that the national flag will be uprooted from Trincomalee. We have problems with the gas cylinder. For many, there is a question of how to eat the next meal. Kids have a question about their studies. Everyone is stuck with a lot of questions. But we need a country to solve all those problems. Do not allow them to sell the national resources that are there to bring foreign exchange to our country and protect the future security on the pretext of finding a solution to difficulties and hardships of the people. Our country faces a geopolitical threat if a Third World War occurs. This process of stripping a country that wants to live with pride in Asia must be decisively defeated. We appeal to the Maha Sangha and all other religious leaders in our country to unite to defeat this situation. We make that request to all patriots who love this country.
This is not a problem of the CPC. This is not a trade union issue. This is not an issue of the JVP. This is the issue of all those who look at this country with love and keep their eyes open to rebuild this country into a developed country. If Sri Lankans living abroad ever come back, it is a relevant issue for them as well. This is a problem for all those who are waiting to save this country. Do not allow this great economic resource to be snatched away. I urge everyone not to allow this economic resource to be sold like our national flag is being uprooted.


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