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‘Aragalaya’ not over – protesters continue demonstrations at President’s House


Marking one of the biggest turning points in Sri Lanka’s political history, hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Colombo demanding the stepping down of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the government and managed to take control of the President’s House and the Presidential Secretariat. By the time the historic move was made, the President had already fled the scene.

These protesters started arriving in Colombo from the afternoon of July 08 and the university students who endorsed the struggle came on foot from near the Kelaniya University and continued to stay in the Fort area.

Thereafter, thousands more had gathered at GotaGoGama agitation site in Galleface despite curfew being enforced.

These protesters came to Colombo in tens of thousands amidst heavy transportation difficulties and entered the President’s House by breaking the road barriers, with zero giving in to tear gas and water canons, finally breaching the President’s House and thereafter the Presidential Secretariat.

Even this morning, a large number of anti-government protesters are seen staying around the premises.



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