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Aragalaya protestors stone Suwaseriya! 


Two ambulances that responded to calls today near Parliament had been attacked by persons involved in the "Aragalaya," Tweets, Suwaseriya chairman Dumindra Ratnayake.

One ambulance has been stoned while staff of the other ambulance has been harassed saying that they are Ranil Wickremesinghe's people.

Mr. Ratnayake points out that they have been responding to calls from several Aragalaya sites today and it is "very unfortunate that the ambulances are being attacked."

"We are neither RWs or GRs people. We are the property of the people of Sri Lanka. India gifted the Ambulances to People of Sri Lanka. My responsibility is to protect the Staff and The Ambulances so that we can continue to serve the public," he adds.

He further notes that they will responding to "Aragalaya" locations if one more ambulance is attacked.


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