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Are you a real Dhoni fan? Check out these little-known facts about CSK captain ahead of IPL 2023 final

The GOAT of Indian cricket and with millions of fans around the world, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one man whose popularity has multiplied many folds since the time he embarked on his cricket journey. Popularly known as Mahi, he is the only captain to have won all three ICC trophies! In fact, it was under his captaincy that the Indian Cricket team won the T20 World Cup in 2007, the ICC Champions trophy in 2013, and the World Cup in 2011. Known for his pitch perfect records on the field, Dhoni broke many hearts when he announced his retirement from international cricket last year in August. There is now constant buzz around his retirement from IPL which is why his fans are all glued to their TV sets tonight as it might be the last time they see their hero play. Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings is set to face off Hardik Pandya-led Gujarat Titans in the final battle of the IPL 2023 on May 28. So, here we bring to you little known facts about your favourite cricketer that you can hold on to till the time you have Dhoni fever! * Did you know that Dhoni is a big time WWE fan? A great finisher, cool and calm under pressure, it is hard to imagine Mahi enjoying himself a WWE fight. Isn’t it? Well, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and Hulk Hogan are his favourites! * Dhoni’s eating habits are very much like his personality – Balanced and homely. Dhoni sticks to Ghar ka Khana and loves the tea his mom makes him. He also has a weird style of eating butter chicken. Robin Uthappa in a chat show had once revealed that when Dhoni would order butter chicken, he would only eat the gravy and not the chicken pieces. In case he ate the pieces, he would avoid rotis. * Dhoni is now a film producer! Yes, you read that right! The cricketer has turned into a producer for his first film, which is a Tamil film and is conceptualised by his wife Sakshi Dhoni. This Tamil production venture will be a light-hearted family drama titled LGM aka Let’s Get Married. * A lover of Hindi music, Dhoni loves listening to old Hindi songs and is a big time Kishore Kumar fan. * You might be aware that Dhoni is not just the lover of cricket, but also football. Before having a career in cricket, he was keen on building a career in football. What you might not know is the fact that Dhoni loves to play badminton as well. And like these other sports, he champions at it!

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