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Arjuna forbids Asian Cup tournament director from going to Dubai!


The Asian Cup is to commence on August 27 in Dubai and is being hosted by Sri Lanka.

Although a team for the tournament is to be named 21 days before the tournament, the SL team was only approved by Sports Minister - Roshan Ranasinghe only last night (19).

The Asian Cup was originally supposed to be held in Sri Lanka but was shifted to UAE at the last minute. However, Sri Lanka is still tasked with the hosting role.

This decision was criticized by the newly appointed Chairman of the National Sports Council - Arjuna Ranatunga, who also blamed Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) for this.

With Sri Lanka being tasked with the hosting activities, SLC vice president Ravin Wickramaratne was appointed as the tournament director.

However, Wickramaratne is still in Sri Lanka even though the tournament is to start in a week.

This is due to Sports Council chairman - Arjuna Ranatunga, informing cricket authorities not to send Ravin Wickramaratne there.

Normally, such an order should be given by the Minister of Sports, but it is singular that Ranatunga had done so instead.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that the Sports Council chairman's directives were given verbally and not in writing.

Accordingly, apart from Ravin, who is the tournament director, other officials have gone to Dubai.


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