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BASL explains process to elect successor for President


In terms of the Constitution of Sri Lanka, the President must address to the Speaker of Parliament a letter signed by him of his decision to step down, leading to the Prime Minister to take over the vacant position as the acting President, said the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL), calling in a special briefing today (10) to elaborate on the process that should be followed by the President and the Prime Minister in vacating their posts.

Addressing the briefing, BASL President Saliya Peiris PC emphasised that if the Prime Minister is not able to act as President, then it would be the Speaker who would, adding that the post will only be available for a period of one month.

Within the month, Parliament should be electing a successor for the remaining period for the remaining period of the tenure of the President who vacated his post, Peiris noted.

He added that only the members of Parliament can vote to appoint a successor for the post of President and should more than one candidate be nominated to the post, the Candidate who wins the consent of 113 MPs will be suitable for the post.

Should any candidate fail to secure more than 50 per cent majority of votes, the preferences will have to be taken into consideration, Peiris PC went on, adding that the MPs, who are the voters, will have the opportunity to cast their preferences for four other candidates in addition to the candidate they are voting for.

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