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Black Cap Movement concerned on giving Namal a ministerial portfolio


The 'Black Cap Movement' said that it is paying close attention to the reports currently circulating in the political arena stating that MP Namal Rajapaksa has requested to be appointed as a key minister in the all-party or the national government to be established in the future.

The Black Cap Movement was one of the organisations joined in the 'Aragalaya' at the Galle Face Green. The organisation said the main goal of the people's struggle or the Aragalaya against the tyranny of the Rajapaksa family was to establish a new administration void of the Rajapaksas.

Issuing a statement, the organisation also said:

"The objective of the people's struggle was not to see the old SLPP Government ruling the country again. They wished for a country sans the backwardness of Rajapaksaism. However, we noticed that Namal Rajapaksa has recently pressured the Minister of Environment by sending two letters to appoint a high-ranking officer in the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau.

Political sources also indicate that there is a plan afoot to appoint Namal Rajapaksa as the National Organiser of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP). If the Rajapaksa Cartel continues to disregard the people's wishes and their opinion, the people will make a decision about their political fate at the next election.

However, prior to that, we respectfully request from all political groups not to allow the all-party government to be established to find solutions to the crisis in Sri Lanka to become a political gamble of Namal and his associates.

It is the innocent people of the country who would be affected by the political games of Namal Rajapaksa and associates, and we firmly believe that it is the responsibility of all political activists to build the land that all the peaceful fighters who engaged in the non-violent struggle hoped for."


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