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BNP wants guns and explosives on December 10


Tarique Rahman, the fugitive leader of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) reportedly has ordered the party’s armed cadres to attend the December 10th Dhaka rally of BNP with weapons and explosives. Meanwhile, armed cadres of at least two demised BNP leaders from old Dhaka are collecting weapons and explosives from different parts of the country. Besides, the family of a convicted war criminal from Chittagong district has collected at least 15 AK-47 rifles from Myanmar and already have brought these weapons to Dhaka.

Bangladesh Nationalist Party is working with the target of gathering at least 5 million people in its December 10 grand rally in Dhaka. Meanwhile, a Dubai-based controversial company named ARY-Gold is said to have donated four million dollars for this grand rally. BNP-Jamaat men also are sending huge amounts of cash from the United States, Canada, Britain, Malaysia and the Middle East for this grand rally.


Meanwhile, at the directives of Tarique Rahman, BNP’s cultural wing JASAS leaders namely Babul Ahmed and Helal Khan are coordinating with several singers and a music composer in Dhaka with the goal of gathering large number of cultural activists during party’s December 10 rally. A pro-BNP singer of country’s Cumilla district is playing major role to ensure presence of cultural activists on December 10. JASAS leader Helal Khan, who was charged in 2006 for running illegal VOIP business in city’s Banglamotor area has reportedly donating BDT 2.50 million alone for December 10 rally.

Meanwhile, Interpol wanted convicted terrorist Colonel (sacked) Shahid Uddin Khan, who escaped to Britain in 2018 has reportedly instructed his trusted aide, Sajjad Hossain, who is currently living in Texas, to collect weapons from leftist proletariat parties and militant organizations in the southern part of Bangladesh and send them to Dhaka before December 10.


Sajjad Hossain hails from Gaibandha district. He joined the Purbo Bangla Communist Party as a teenager. He then gained notoriety as a cadre by joining the Jatiyo Chhatro Shomaj of military ruler Hussain Mohammad Ershad. Sajjad maintains deeper links with various militancy groups in Bangladesh.

Colonel (sacked) Shahid Uddin Khan is announcing through social media that on December 10, his followers will join the BNP rally and later they will start armed activities. It may be mentioned here that a number of retired army officers are maintaining regular contacts with Shahid.


It is learned that Shahid Uddin Khan has ordered his mercenary terrorists to attack members of the law enforcement agencies as soon as the BNP rally begins on December 10. He also has ordered them to take over the Bangladesh Secretariat, Bangladesh Television, Bangladesh Betar and several private TV channels and carry out anti-government propaganda.

Shahid Uddin Khan also has instructed a front-ranking leader of Hindu Moha Jote (Hindu Grand Alliance) to send a delegation at BNP’s Dhaka grand rally.


It is also learnt from credible sources that BNP leaders with allegations of harboring terrorists also are taking preparation for staging “armed revolt” against the government on December 10.

Meanwhile, a section of BNP-Jamaat activists are said to be preparing to stage bomb attacks targeting business establishments, residences of Awami League and party’s head office in Dhaka on December 10.


In the meantime, Salahuddin, the leader of Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), and younger brother of JMB kingpin Siddiqul Islam alias “Bangla Bhai”, who fled to India escaping jail, has recently entered Bangladesh. A BNP leader who fled to Meghalaya state several years ago has planned to carry out massive sabotage in Dhaka city on December 10 with the help of JMB leader Salahuddin.

It is also learnt that BNP is planning to copy the Sri Lankan mass-movement from December 10. With this target, BNP and its political allies will start gathering supporters under numerous pretenses in the city.

Another source said that the top leadership of BNP, especially Tarique Rahman, have been repeatedly telling party leaders and activists that after joining the rally on December 10, none of them should leave the streets until the government falls.

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