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Boys and girls who are struggling to win over Asia for a country that hears about defeats


Internationally, Sri Lanka’s most successful team sport is men’s cricket. Sri Lanka has even won the world championship. As a women’s team sport, Sri Lanka receives the highest honor from netball. Sri Lanka has been the champion six times and runner up ten times. These two sports run in two formats. Cricket lives a life of luxury while netball does not have that privilege. It oscillates between being accepted as a sport and being treated as a women’s game because of the highly traditional power struggle within the netball format.

The power is centered not only at who decides to control decisions but often with the issues of who will train, and what places these women’s children should get in the team. Also, often the Ministry and the Development Department need cricket funds in some cases, while netball is dependent on the Ministry’s and the Development Department’s two cents therefore we have seen some netball connections in the Ministry and the Development Department, trying to assert their power within the netball issues.

Irrespective of these formative conditions, the instances that netball has won for Sri Lanka in team games should be accepted with respect as much as in cricket. Based on that respect, Sri Lanka has come to the front as the undisputed queen of Asian netball in the fight to win Asia. Singapore, which is currently thinking of strategies to win the crown while still sitting on the seat of second in command, will enter the battle to break the dominance of the queen on its own land. It should be remembered with respect that those who have guided the team from winning the crown for the last time, representing the world championship, etc., were the strength behind the team entering the final battle yesterday.

Accordingly, the coaches from Thilaka Jinadasa, Somita Alwis to the current Hyacinth Wijesinghe as well as the coaching staff who supported them and are still doing so, are the factors of this strength. Most likely, the tactic that Singapore used in yesterday’s game to control Malaysia’s pace by slowing down the game a bit and exchanging the ball in the field for more time, was launched against Sri Lanka as well. Therefore, Sri Lanka worked to prevent it and immediately get into that rhythm and convert the match into their own rhythm.

The most important thing is that this match was in a favorable position towards Sri Lanka. Also, Sri Lanka has already qualified for the World Cup. Under this condition, the battle to become the coach here will resume in the next World Cup tour. Some former officials do not want to stop winning Asia and allow the country’s female coaches to become World Cup coaches. Therefore, the search for more players who need to strengthen the team immediately at the end of this tournament should be carried out in a separate round, and steps should be taken to maintain it under the coach and training staff of the team that is going to the world championship.

But there are a number of things that need to be taken care of when the team goes out into the world to fight. There, if there is no training advisory council, a staff should be used to constantly identify the areas where the players need to grow, give advice to the coach and work to correct them through her. In such a situation, it should be the responsibility of the current coach to stand up for the country by dealing with the discussion as well as the ideas and discussions, and she should make sure not to use “the country as I want”.

India has won the most Asia Cup cricket matches in history. That’s seven times. Sri Lanka has done the feat the second most times, having won the championship five times. Pakistan have won the tournament only twice so far. This was the second time that the tournament will be run in the 20/20 format, and the first time it was held in 2016, India were the champions. Runners-up Bangladesh had to go out in the first round this time, while champions India were eliminated in the second round by Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is at the forefront of the winning mentality. Throughout this tournament, Sri Lanka stands out as the strongest team due to the combination of skills of several players. Its advantage was important for Sri Lanka yesterday as well. But it is certain that they have also studied Sri Lankan batsmen as well as bowlers through the world’s top data analysts. Therefore, as strong as the body is, Sri Lanka, the winner, has been the one who maintained the momentum with discipline and restraint while applying the knowledge sensibly and creatively according to the relevant moment.

Like the current selection committee, under the leadership of Dasun Shanaka, the selection committee who sent a team to Pakistan on a diplomatically important tour and managed to win the championship, should also be thanked here. It became clear that cricket is cricket and not characters. On the same hand, it is also wonderful how players like Bhanuka Rajapaksa are creeping into the hearts of the people like cricket in the country, proving that even a selection committee cannot keep cricket in its shape by attacking certain weaknesses. Also Keith Miller and the current Silverwood are committed to the profession with responsibility and love. Their coaching staff deserves similar credit for this win. South Asian culture’s respect and sensitivity to human connections transcends the profession. So the tributes to Miller and Silverwood’s love are already happening on point.

It has now been confirmed that cricket is a non-individual-centered team sport, which has been the identity of the road since history. History itself has confirmed that even if there are talented special players, those who are not are the main ones but the team spirit wins. With the leadership of Dasun Shanaka, cricket has reached a moment where it is at the top of such a channel. To protect this place that has come with great dedication, only the knowledge of cricket education should be used. At present, South Asian poverty is based on the power of astrological matters, and if it is said that it can be won, it is important to intervene in a sporting way to get it until the last second when the victory is confirmed without making a margin of victory.

Just like a cricket team, netball is a team. But the team is also confident that they will squeeze out victories to the point where they are circled around Tharjini. That mentality is one that pushes down from the administration even from the netball coaches in Sri Lanka. But while she was there, there were times when we couldn’t even conquer Asia. Every second that Tharjani’s handling of the ball fails, it becomes difficult for Sri Lanka to win, and when Tharjani commits a few mistakes, the effect on the entire team is sadly exceeded.

Therefore, in order to determine the path of netball in Sri Lanka after the 2023 World Cup, it was essential to think of strategies to take advantage of the average height expected from a female netball player in Sri Lanka. This should lead to the discovery of relatively new players for the national team, and it is important to maintain an “expecting” pool of players for national netball.

Sometimes a person working in Sri Lanka with hypocrisy may also have the crisis of someone else taking over the status they have acquired through sports. If such a person gets low political protection in Sri Lanka and the ruler of politics can make some advantageous deal out of it, the country is irrelevant. Therefore, the biggest challenge ahead for the crowned boys and girls who have come to reign in this Asia was that the game could have been surrendered at any time for the hypocritical political spirits of the people to run wild. However, it was the wish of the country to see both girls and boys become Asian stars and stars for the love and joy of the people of the country.

The poverty, insecurity, inflation and hunger that have won over the rulers to be a country with the highest rates of malnutrition and, in many cases, the highest in the world and the highest in Asia and South Asia, the people want happiness, today there is an indoor sports ground in Singapore and a cricket ground in the United Arab Emirates. Let’s congratulate the cricketers and netball players who struggled to put a sense of pride in the hearts of the citizens of a state that is unable to put a smile on their lips to find pride, for winning Sri Lanka and giving the countrymen the joy of victory, which is a rare treasure!


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