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British PM commends President’s efforts in establishing inclusive government to ensure country’s stability


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson commended the efforts of President Ranil Wickremesinghe for establishing an inclusive government which will bring the stability needed to address issues for the Sri Lankan people.

In a congratulatory message to President Wickremesinghe on his appointment as the Head of State, the British Prime Minister said that upholding democratic principles and seeking democratic consensus will be vital to President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s success.

Reiterating the British Government’s sincere commitment to Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “The UK will continue to work with the people of Sri Lanka, especially during the current economic and social challenges. I hope that you will be able to make quick and positive progress with the International Monetary Fund. The UK stands ready to engage with our international partners to support Sri Lanka on this issue.”

The British Prime Minister also expressed confidence that the two governments can work together to achieve long-lasting and substantive progress on reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka. “The 51st UN Human Rights Council in September will be a moment for your government to demonstrate your human rights credentials with a change of approach. Weand others in the international community – want to work with Sri Lanka to make real and tangible progress on these issues.”

He also highlighted the recently announced Developing Countries Trading Scheme. This, he said, will offer Sri Lanka the opportunity to benefit from duty- free access for the vast
majority of total goods exported to the UK. “As we continue to strengthen our bilateral relationship, I hope we can find more opportunities to enhance trade and investment. I anticipate that there are strong opportunities for UK support with green finance and renewable energy,” the British PM said, recalling the conversation the two leaders had in May about shared ambitions on climate change.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson concluded his message by expressing confidence that with Sri Lanka due to celebrate its 75th Anniversary of Independence, UK and Sri Lanka would continue to build an even deeper and stronger partnership. He also appreciated Sri Lanka’s efforts to prioritise UK-Sri Lanka relations and wished President Wickremesinghe the very best in his efforts to restore stability and prosperity in Sri Lanka.

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