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Ceypetco can't do this alone – Kanchana


Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera has said that a procedure to register trishaws engaged in providing transport, at fuel stations, will be implemented.

Speaking at a media briefing today (19), he said that the police and the Divisional Secretariats will take measures to do the registration process and therefore to refrain from going to fuel stations to register.

He also said a mechanism will be introduced to provide fuel for private vehicles as well. The minister portrayed a process to pump fuel based on the vehicle number, as an example.

Sufficient fuel supply for public transport

The minister also requested private bus operators to obtain their fuel requirements from the nearest Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) depots where necessary arrangements have been made.

He therefore urged the private bus operators not to proceed to other filling stations.

He added that steps will be taken to issue fuel for essential services from selected filling stations on Friday starting next week.

School, staff and tourist transport vehicles can also obtain their fuel requirements from the nearest SLTB depots, he further noted.

Don't queue up until 23rd

The minister also urged the general public not to be in fuel queues for the next 03 days due to the non-availability of stocks.

He said the next petrol shipment is only scheduled to arrive on the island only on  June 23.

Minister Wijesekera said letters of credit amounting to USD 90 million have been opened for petrol and diesel shipments that are due to arrive on June 23rd and 24th.

More oil companies?

The minister also said that the Ceypetco cannot handle the oil distribution alone and he feels that more companies from fuel producing countries should be given the chance to enter the market.

He said that he hopes to table a cabinet paper in this regard soon.


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