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China firmly supports Sri Lanka at the 51st UNHRC session


On 12th September, Ambassador Chen Xu, Permanent Representative of China to the UN Office at Geneva, openly spoke for Sri Lanka and opposed external interference during the Interactive Dialogue on the island nation at the 51st Session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Ambassador Chen stressed that China appreciates Sri Lanka's continued efforts in enhancing and protecting its human rights, especially in reconciliation, reconstruction and counter-terrorism. As a traditional friendly neighbor of Sri Lanka, China firmly supports Sri Lanka in safeguarding national sovereignty and independence, maintaining social stability and realizing economic recovery. We believe that the Sri Lankan government is able to lead the people to overcome temporary difficulties.

The Chinese envoy emphasized that the UNHRC's resolution on Sri Lanka is a product of politicization. It does not abide by the principles of impartiality, objectivity and non-selectivity. It has not been recognized by Sri Lanka, the country concerned, and has not played a constructive role in promoting and protecting human rights in Sri Lanka. China opposes any country taking advantage of the current difficult situation in Sri Lanka to seek self-interest, and urges relevant parties to respect the human rights development path that Sri Lanka has independently chosen according to its national conditions, and abandon the practice of using human rights to exert political pressure and interfere in other's internal affairs.


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