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Chinese ship coming to SL to refuel – minister


The Cabinet Spokesman - minister Bandula Gunawardena today (02) informed that the Chinese research vessel - Yuan Wang - 5 is arriving in Sri Lanka to obtain services including bunkering.

Speaking during the Cabinet briefing held this morning, the minister said that the Foreign Minister informed of this to the President and the Cabinet yesterday.

"China, India and our neighboring countries are our close friends that have always assisted us during times of crisis. The President informed the Cabinet that matters will be explained on a diplomatic level in order to prevent any issue," minister Gunawardena said.

Controversy has surrounded the impending arrival of the Yuan Wang - 5 ship with India expressing concerns about its presence in the region.

'The Hindu' reports that India has raised the scheduled visit of the vessel with President Ranil Wickremesinghe, after the Ministry of Defence in Colombo confirmed the ship’s arrival, despite New Delhi giving a “clear message” on its concerns.

The BBC Sinhala Service had earlier reported that Defence Ministry spokesman - Colonel Nalin Herath had said that clearance has been granted for the vessel’s entry into the Hambantota Port, where it would dock from August 11 - 17.

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