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Chinese ship scheduled to arrive at Hambantota Port on 16th !


The controversial Chinese research ship Yuan Wang 5 is scheduled to arrive at the Hambantota port on the 16th of August, it is reported.

It is said that the Sri Lankan government has granted permission for the ship to dock at the Hambantota port yesterday (12) due to the failure of India and America to present specific reasons as to why they oppose the arrival of the Chinese ship to the Hambantota port.

The ship was originally scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka on the 11th of August and thus, Yuan Wang 5 will be arriving in Sri Lanka more than 5 days behind schedule.

Due to India's strong objection regarding the arrival of this ship at the Hambantota port, the Sri Lankan government requested the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka to delay its arrival.

During the meeting held between President Ranil Wickremesinghe and the American Ambassador to Sri Lanka Mrs. Julie Chung, the President has asked the ambassador to specify the reasons for opposing the arrival of the ship.

Also, Foreign Minister Ali Sabri had told the Indian diplomats to inform them of the reasons why India was against the arrival of the ship.

However, as both parties had failed to present acceptable reasons as to why they oppose the Chinese ship’s arrival at the Hambantota Port, Sri Lanka had given the ship the green light to dock at Hambantota.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Defense and the Government of Sri Lanka had granted permission for the Chinese ship to dock at the Hambantota Port.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Times reported that the Sri Lankan Embassy in Beijing had informed the government that if the ship is not allowed to dock in Sri Lanka, the country will have to face severe economic consequences.


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