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CID requests to further detain and interrogate Wasantha et al!


The permission has been sought from the Defence Minister to further detain and interrogate Inter-University Student Federation Convenor Wasantha Mudalige and three others who are currently being held under the custody of the Criminal Investigation Department, Police Spokesman SSP Nihal Talduwa said.

Apart from Mudalage, Hashan Jeevantha Gunathilake and Ven. Galwewa Siridhamma Thera are also being detained and questioned.

The spokesman said the investigation will be conducted to determine whether the suspects have conspired against the State and whether their actions have been an incitement for terrorist activities.

He further said that the Inspector General of Police has instructed the investigation to be handed over to the Terrorist Investigation Division if there has been any kind of incitement towards terrorist activities.

Dark era for Sri Lanka!

However, the police have made these requests despite international human rights organizations pointing out that obtaining detention orders under the Prevention of Terrorism Act is a serious violation of human rights.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Special Representative for Human Rights Defenders Mary Lawlor in a tweet said she is deeply concerned that Human Rights Defenders Wasantha Mudalige, Hashan Jeevantha and Galwewa Siridamma Himi have been arrested under the Sri Lanka's Prevention of Terrorism Act.

"I call on the President not to sign their detention order as doing so would be a dark day for Sri Lanka," she said.


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