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Condemn The Violence Against Women And Children During Peaceful Protests


We the undersigned member organizations of Sri Lanka’s first Child Protection Alliance (CPA) strongly condemn the violence against women and children during a peaceful, unarmed protest at Galleface, Colombo on 9 October 2022 by Sri Lanka Police.

The shocking images of a small child wailing in fear, clutching her mother while they are both forcefully dragged away by Police Officers is a clear violation of Section 11 of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
Numerous research around the world has shown the severe psychological trauma to children who are exposed to violence with many suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in adulthood.

Child protection is a collective social responsibility. Considering the volatile political situation, we recommend that parents avoid taking children, the most vulnerable members of a community to protest sites.

Whilst honoring the right to peaceful dissent of all citizens, we urge the authorities to protect and promote the rights of the true beneficiaries of the future of Sri Lanka, our children.

Stop Child Cruelty Trust
Avanka Lanka Foundation
Grassrooted Trust Hashtag Generation iProbono
Meraki Sri Lanka
Promoters for Equal Participation in Leadership
Right to Life Human Rights Centre
Saubhagya Foundation
Schools 4.0 Lanka
Sri Lanka Unites
Youth Advocacy Network
Youth for Tomorrow


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