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Crooks who destroyed the economy must stop their cowardly acts of scaring the people immediately – Vijitha Herath


“The cowardly and shameful measures of intimidation carried out by the Ranil Rajapaksa government must be stopped immediately. The hunting of young people engaged in peaceful struggle should be stopped immediately. The people’s struggles can be stopped only by solving the gas, oil, hospital medicine, and farmer’s fertilizer problems immediately. But it cannot be stopped by repression and force. People are getting more organized and coming forward against intimidation. It will prolong the political crisis.” Says Information Secretary of the JVP Vijitha Herath.
He made these observations at a press conference held at the JVP head office at Pelawatta today (29th).
He further said, “Ranil Rajapaksa continues to suppress the groups that raise their voices for the people without answering the people’s questions. We urge the government to stop this action immediately. There is a serious economic crisis in our country and a mountain of debt of 52 billion dollars has been piled on the people.
International sovereign bonds that had to be settled within the debt installment of 7 billion dollars due this year has been stopped. Inflation in the country has exceeded 60%. Food inflation is even higher. The shortage of gas, fuel and other essential goods is not over yet. Many serious problems have arisen such as lack of fertilizer, lack of medicine, lack of oil even for transporting patients. It has been reported that failure to transport a pregnant woman resulted in the death of both the mother and the unborn baby.
The current president has no plans to solve these pressing social and economic issues. Nearly four lakh of people are in fuel queues every day. If you think that a day’s salary is 1000 rupees, at least 400million human labour hours will be destroyed. Schools are not properly maintained for the education of children. The current Minister of Education has previously stated that online is a failure.
People across the country took to the streets and protested for their rights and the right to live. The symbolic voice of country-wide protests was held on the Galle Face green as a struggle of love in the most beautiful manner by various sections of the people. The struggle of peaceful, democratic love was crushed by the attack of the Rajapakse gangsters on May 9th.
While the police were watching, violence was unleashed on the ‘struggle of love’ while millions of people were watching live. However, State terrorism was not brought before the law by using state power Through the intervention of human rights organizations through civil organizations, three or four people who unleashed terrorism were brought before the law and the masterminds were released. Through this, the struggle took a different direction and intensified and millions of people gathered. On July 9th, the ‘struggle’ intensified to the level that the rulers had to flee.
Ranil Wickramasinghe became the President from Parliament after Gotabaya Rajapaksa was ousted. This Ranil-Rajapaksa government adopted a repressive policy by imposing emergency law to protect the Rajapaksa gang that had given them protection to come to power. Now they are taking strict action against those involved in the struggle at Galle Face.
a mental fear throughout the country is being created by hunting those who speak for the real issues of the people. The ministers of the government declared in the parliament that it is not possible for these youths who struggle to get a police report, a job and their future was dark, etc. Youth who struggle were labeled as terrorists. Are those who ask for fertilizer, those in the gas, oil, and other queues terrorists? We challenge the Ministers to stand near a queue for five minutes without military police. Are the terrorists sleeping in the oil queues for days without food? Is it justified to label those people as terrorists for protesting against the ministers? A campaign of psychological intimidation and other tactics have been launched to intimidate those who stand for real people’s rights.
In 2015, Ranil Wickremesinghe, as Prime Minister, took over the Central Bank and brought in Singaporean Arjun Mahendran and appointed him as the Governor of the Central Bank. Arjun Mahendran is the main accused in the central bank robbery. The mastermind was Ranil Wickramasinghe. During our continued questioning in the Parliament, Ranil replied that Arjun Mahendran was out of the country for a wedding and that he would take the responsibility of bringing him back. We pressured to remove Arjun Mahendran from the post of central bank governor and conduct investigations. This country’s economy has now collapsed due to those destructions. People die in oil queues as a consequence of the economy collapsing.
Young people come to the Galle Face struggle site and fight for these issues of the people. When crooked leaders hold the presidency of the country, when those who stole are appointed to the cabinet and lead the executive, the youth make a peaceful struggle against such acts. Ranil-Rajapaksa is taking various measures to suppress that struggle. So far, 18 young people have received court orders to stop them from leaving the country. They are the ones who led the struggle of love. Ajith Nivard Cabral, who acted to rob the Central Bank, got orders from the court to ban him from leaving the country through the intervention of the people. Regarding Arjun Mahendran, the COPE committee had to conduct investigations for years and take reports and act. A relative of the Rajapaksa family, Jaliya Wickramasinghe fled the country amid judicial proceedings in Sri Lanka. Criminals are treated that way. Today, the mastermind of the central bank robbery is in the top chair of the cabinet. People who have been proven in the High Court to have extorted 62 million are holding ministerial positions. These crooks are holding the cabinet, and the lawful and just young people who are struggling against it are being labelled as terrorists and banned from leaving the country.
What people want today is justice and fairness. The law needs to do justice to the people. But today there is a policy to protect thieves. A minister of this government had demanded millions of commissions from the Katunayake project while the country was bankrupt. They are trying to cover up their villainous by scaring the people. Intimidation and suppression of the youth who are struggling for justice must be stopped immediately.
Today there is no conflict between a political movement and a government as was in 71, 88-89. What exists today is a conflict between a government and the people as a whole. UNP Sri Lanka, JVP, Tamil Congress, Muslim Congress, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Malay all people are suffering in queues. There is no food. Hospitals are without medicine. The government collides with such people. The rights of such people cannot be suppressed by intimidation and fear-mongering. The cowardly act of scaring the people by appointing crooks who destroyed the economy to the cabinet should be stopped immediately. Ranil Rajapaksa’s psychological war of fear must stop. Due to these measures taken to please the Rajapaksa, there is a strong international protest against the government. Ranil Rajapaksa cannot please the international community and the Rajapaksa henchmen at the same time. When the governemnt tries to please Rajapakse henchmen, the international community gets angry. When the international community gets angry, everything including debt restructuring is paralyzed. Credit facilities will be lost.
Ranil Rajapakse’s cowardly and shameful measures of intimidation should be stopped immediately. The hunting of young people engaged in peaceful struggle should be stopped immediately. People’s struggles can be stopped only by immediately solving the gas problem, the oil problem, the hospital medicine issue, and the farmer’s fertilizer issue. It cannot be stopped by repression and force. People are getting more organized and coming forward against coercion. It prolongs the political crisis. As the political crisis drags on, the economic crisis cannot be answered. If they want to find answers to the political and economic crisis, they should stop intimidating and suppressing people and answer the real questions immediately. We urge the government to realize the people’s right to life immediately. That is the only answer to stop the struggle.”


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