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Dhammika President in 30 days? 


Political sources claim that the decisions taken at the party leaders meeting might dash the hopes of the general public. 

This is because the Speaker would be appointed president for 30 days, following which a new president would be appointed for the duration of the existing president's term of office, with the consensus of the majority of parliament. 

The majority vote in the present parliament lies with former Minister Basil Rajapaksa's Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna party. 

Sources state that SLPP is planning to put forward entrepreneur Dhammika Perera as their candidate. 

In an all-party government that is being envisioned, the prime ministerial post too would be appointed in the same manner and the SLPP would benefit from that as well. 

The Speaker has officially informed the President of the decisions taken at the party leaders meeting via a letter. 

The letter states as follows: (see below). 

Parliament 22 07 10


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