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Dialog Axiata to invest US$152.4 Mn in SL’s Telecom and ICT Infrastructure


Dialog Axiata Group, the largest Foreign Direct Investor (FDI) operating under the aegis of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI), announced the entering into of two supplementary agreements with the BOI for the investment of an additional sum of US$ 152.4 Mn (LKR 56.7 Bn) in Sri Lanka’s Telecommunications and ICT Infrastructure on 13 September 2022.

The investment comprises of US$ 112.8Mn from Dialog Axiata PLC and $ 39.6Mn from its subsidiary Dialog Broadband Networks (Private) Limited.

These agreements span a broad scope of telecommunications and ICT infrastructure development by the Dialog Axiata Group, encompassing the expansions of mobile and fixed 4G-LTE networks to provide rural and deep-indoor coverage, enhancement of big-data analytics and customer interaction capabilities, the evolution of IP and fibre networks, and the further development of the Group’s Wi-Fi and broadband networks, officials of the company said.

It is envisaged that these developments will offer more reliable and cost-effective internet connectivity, and significantly contribute to propelling the nation’s mobile telephony and fixed infrastructure to the forefront of innovation accelerating Sri Lanka into a digital nation.

Dialog Axiata Group is a subsidiary group of companies of Axiata Group Berhad, Asia’s second largest Telco with operations spanning across 8 countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and India, and Axiata has been a committed and long-term investor in Sri Lanka since the inception of Dialog.

Dialog is Sri Lanka’s largest Foreign Direct Investor (FDI) with cumulative investments totalling $ 3.1 billion. In this regard, it has been recognized by BOI as the first company to invest $1Bn in the country.

“Dialog Axiata has been instrumental in progressing our nation towards becoming a formidable next generation digital infrastructure champion in a global setting.

As the largest foreign investor in the country, Axiata has been a consistent and key enabler of this journey, even amid uncertainties. We are pleased to see the continued investments and unwavering commitment by the company which exemplifies the innumerable opportunities available in Sri Lanka to foreign investors who believe in and are willing to invest in the nation with a focus of capturing long-term value,” said. Raja Edirisuriya, Chairman, BOI.

Commenting, Tan Sri Shahril Ridza Ridzuan, Chairman, Independent Non-Executive Director of Axiata Group Berhad said, “As the largest FDI in Sri Lanka, this latest investment agreement bears testimony to Axiata’s continued confidence in the nation and our commitment to Sri Lanka and its people.

Dialog considers Sri Lanka to be one of the key innovation hubs, where it has achieved many region firsts, staying true to its ethos of delivering he claimed.

‘He said The Future. Today.’ As always, we greatly value our long-standing partnership with the Board of Investment and remain committed to investing in Sri Lanka to accelerate the country into a Digital Nation.”


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