Following the introduction of the brand new ‘DP Coding School’ initiative launched by DP Education, parents often raised a number of questions during its initiation in different parts of the island.

Having these doubts would be very normal because the approach is new and may still be out of the ordinary career-based education initiatives you may have seen at the big top. DP Coding School is conducted with the aim of providing children with computer programming skills and opening the doors for them to apply for jobs with higher pay grades in the Coding field in the future, and will also contribute to foreign exchange and even going abroad.

Below are answers to some of frequently asked questions about DP Coding School:

Is knowledge on English Language necessary to study this course?

All lessons at DP Coding School are conducted in Sinhala and Tamil languages. Therefore, English Language is not required. In addition, in each of these lessons, 1 or 2 English words related to the subject are taught through computer programming. Therefore, those who complete the 324 parts of this entire package can add about 400 English words related to this subject to their vocabulary.

How many parts are in DP Coding School’s Complete Course?

It is planned to provide 324 projects covering 12 sectors. A digital certificate is offered for free once for every 8 projects.

What is the value of this course?

The value of the course in which all 324 projects are completed is Rs. 2.4 million. But it is offered Free of Charge.

Who can enroll?

Students can join this from first grade to any year. Anyone of any age who is interested in learning computer programming languages can join. Primary school children as well as people over 60 years of age are currently following this.

Course duration

The first 100 modules can be completed in 100 hours. Accordingly, a project takes about an hour. The video instructions of each of these projects are given in a very interesting way, so children can join them with great interest and fun.

What are the job opportunities that open from this course

Those who continue learning coding from this course can apply for jobs like Web Developer, Full stack Web Developer, Software Application Developer, Computer Programmer, and Data Scientist in the future.

Additional benefits for school students by following this course

Develops students’ logical thinking.
Improves students’ creativity.
Improves persistence.
Develops resilience and flexibility.
Improves communication skills.
Improves students’ structural thinking.
Improves students’ problem-solving skills.
Helps students develop their mathematical ability.
Helps students to feel satisfied.
Develops students’ self-learning ability.
Children will eventually become a person who can overcome the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution in the 21st century and contribute to the development of the country.

Having trouble registering for the course?

A Gmail account or a Facebook account is required to register on the code.org website. Currently, those 13 years of age or older can create an account and register as usual. Children under 13 can register via a Gmail account. The necessary instructions have been provided. Alternatively, parents can use their email account to register their children on the code.org website.

Guide your child to the new world with new knowledge in the New Year, and involve your child in this computer language (coding) course worth Rs. 2.4 million, which is provided completely Free of charge. Visit dpcode.lk today.


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