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Embassy denies report saying Japan will not support SL


The Japanese embassy has refuted a news report which claims the Japanese ambassador to Sri Lanka - Mizukoshi Hideaki had said Japan will not support Sri Lanka at this point.

'Daily Mirror' had reported, "Japanese Ambassador in Colombo Mizukoshi Hideaki who met the TNA yesterday had reportedly said that there is a risk of financial assistance to Sri Lanka being mismanaged and hence Japan will not support the country at this point."

"However he has said Japan might consider it later," the report had added.

In a letter to the 'Daily Mirror' Editor in Chief, Media secretary to the PM - Mr. Shanuka Karunaratne had stated that the Deputy head of the Japanese embassy - Mr. Katsuki Kotaro had had denied the article.

The letter sent by the PM office is as follows :

Japan1 670px 22 07 01


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