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Employees chase out SLBC Director-General!


Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) Director-General Chandrapala Liyanage has been chased out by his employees yesterday (19th) for allegedly receiving 10 salary increments.
It is said that the Joint Trade Union Alliance of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation held a meeting for all the employees yesterday and revealed the matter and then surrounded the office with the employees and chased away the Director-General. Secretary (Administration) of the Ministry of Mass Media and Information P. Sathkumara and its chairman Hudson Samarasinghe had intervened and Chandrapala had told the employees who had surrounded his office that his salary increments had been given by the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. However, union leaders later pointed to a letter from Chandrapala Liyanage asking him to increase his salary, revealing that he had also received an increase in his arrears.
The trade union leaders have revealed that former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa had worked behind the scenes to appoint Chandrapala Liyanage to the relevant post. Around 300 Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation employees have surrounded Chandrapala’s office. He later submitted his resignation letter and left the Broadcasting Corporation under his protection from Sathkumara’s car.
Corporation employees allege SLBC Director-General Chandrapala Liyanage has been accused of making fake files and extorting hundreds of thousands of rupees in salary increments at a time when it is difficult to pay the salaries of all public servants in the face of the country’s economic crisis.
It is reported that the corporation has wasted money through failed projects that he has carried out since he was appointed as the Director-General.
He has also been accused of recruiting a nephew and arbitrarily awarding posts without paying any attention to the composition of the employees of the corporation.


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