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End of an Era


The flame has been extinguished after seven decades of selfless service to this great nation and to the peoples of the commonwealth of nations. How a young princess of the Windsors who threw herself to the services of the nation during the dark days of the second world war, gracefully matured to fill the role of the mother of the nation is beyond comprehension. In her unobtrusive way, Her Majesty ensured the relevance of the British Monarchy as the guarantor of the democratic way of life, in an era of fast changing world order.

Her Majesty’s everlasting legacy is the grace with which she presided over a large number of British colonies gaining independence and regrouping themselves as equal members of a family of nations – the commonwealth.

The demography of this nation itself has changed during Her Majesty’s reign and now the United Kingdom is a multicultural and multi ethnic society. However, one that remained a constant, is the esteem in which the institution of monarchy is held by the rainbow society of the UK. Her Majesty’s role in this is incalculable.

Though not unanticipated, the end of her reign and the life full of grace, have plunged the whole nation into a deep sense of sorrow. We join the grieving nation in paying our respects to our dear queen.

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