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Eshana to be appointed BOI Chairman?


Politics sources say former Pan Asia Bank Chairman and chairman of
National Development Bank and head of Esna Group of Companies Eshana
De Silva is speculated to be appointed as the next BOI Chairman according
to political sources to kick start the investment drive.

Mr. de Silva currently serves in the capacity of Chairman of many Companies including the Esna Group of companies, Hanjin Shipping Lanka, Shermans Logistic (Pvt) ltd, Star Leisure (Pvt) Ltd, Esna Holidays (Pvt) Ltd and as a director of several other Companies such as in the Interocrean Group, in the Sherman Sons Group and of Fortress Resorts PLC. Mr. de Silva was Director of the Board of
Investment (BOI) for 6 years, where he also served as Chairman of the BOI
Audit Committee.

He has also served as a Board Member of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority from 2008-2013. He is the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Kazakhstan in Sri Lanka.


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