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EU and UNIDO grant over US$ 40 m for SL industry sustainability


The European Union has provided a US $ 22.83 million and € 18.75 million grant for the sustainable industrial development in Sri Lanka the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Representative in Sri Lanka Dr. Rane Van Berkel said

This was revealed at a steering committee meeting to formulate Sri Lanka’s National Industrial Policy in Colombo recently.

The committee provides coordination and recommendations for the projects implemented by the UNIDO in Sri Lanka.

The formulation of Sri Lanka’s National Industrial Policy include; development of infrastructure in export-oriented industries, promotion of small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs), management of chemical use, ensuring food safety and quality,

It also contains improvement of production value chains, minimization of environmental impacts caused by industries, and pollution and energy management.

Those were some of the key areas that the EU and UNIDO are supporting Sri Lanka on.

The amount of $ 22.83 million provided by the EU has been allocated for eight-year industrial development projects from 2015 to 2023, covering sectors such as climate change, energy management, and conversion to renewable energies affecting Sri Lanka’s industrial sector.

In addition, the EU and UNIDO have extended € 11 million for the development of agri-food production, enhancing food safety and quality, improving facilities, training, and laboratories for food quality control in Sri Lanka.

It was noted that many of these projects are being implemented to improve facilities to ensure food chain development.

Another € 7.75 million has been allocated for industrial waste management activities in Sri Lanka and these projects have been implemented together with the Ministries of Industry, Environment as well as Power and Energy. Already, an Energy Management System has been developed with the support of 75 energy experts.


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