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Fact-check: Army’s new combat pattern uniform is not the same as LTTE’s – Asianet Newsable


New Delhi, First Published Jan 13, 2022, 9:29 PM IST

Ever since glimpses of the new Indian Army's combat pattern uniform emerged, there has massive speculation about it. Some people, whose sole agenda for existence on social media is to mislead and peddle fake news, pointed out that the Army's new combat pattern uniform was similar to that of the banned Sri Lankan rebel outfit Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. 

Government sources, however, have set the record straight and asserted that misleading information with malicious intent is being spread on social media wherein filters have been used on the new Army pattern to distort its appearance. Many social media handles originating from Pakistan have been trying to spread fake news about the new uniform of the Indian Army. The new combat pattern uniform will be unveiled on the occasion of Army Day. 

On January 15, the contingent of the Parachute Regiment will bear the new camouflage uniform which is based on a 'digital' pattern. The new Army combat pattern uniform has been developed with the help of the National Institute of Fashion Technology at par with international standards. 

It was developed after going through options of 15 patterns, eight designs, and four fabrics, sources said. Asianet Newsable had earlier reported how the new uniform will be like the one used by US Army troops. The decision with regard to having a new Army combat pattern uniform was taken at the recently-held Army Commanders' Conference. According to Army officials, the changed uniform's camouflage is a major improvement over the previous one. Moreover, soldiers need not tuck in, sources said, adding that the belt will be under the dress in the new uniform. The official said that the new Army combat pattern uniform has been designed taking into consideration the comfort level. 

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