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Family of deceased young woman files police complaint against Hemas Hospital


The family of the late Harshani Dharmawickrema, said to have been a victim of medical negligence, filed a police complaint  against Hemas Hospital in Wattala yesterday (01).

The police complaint filed at the Wattala police states her death was due to medical negligence. 

32 year old resident of Ja-Ela Harshani admitted to the private hospital for treatment for a stomach ailment, where Dr. Hasanjaya Goonewardene has stated a surgery should be done to remove stones in her gallbladder. 

The Dr. in question has received training at the Galle Karapitiya teaching hospital and is a Gastroenterological Surgeon at Hemas hospital, with the qualifications listed as MBBS (Col ), MS (Col ), FRCS (Edinburgh), FRCS (Glasgow). 

It is also reported that he is registered as SLMC - 10197 at the Sri Lanka Medical Council. 

Cunning actions by Hemas

Previously, Sri Lanka Mirror reported on how this hospital used to obtain the waiting list names of surgery patients from government hospitals and were cold calling the patients with comments about the failure of the state health system. 

The calling programme was halted after the revelation. 

We have received further reports on malpractices at Hemas and will be revealing them in the future. 

A Facebook post of Harshani receiving treatment at the hospital is currently making the rounds on social media.


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