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Form all-party government & hold general election shortly


According to the current situation in the country, a short-term all-party government should be established to fulfill the basic needs of the people and this government should hold a general election within a maximum of six months to give the opportunity for the people to form a government say Maha Sangha.
They emphasized this in a press conference held in Colombo today (19th). This press conference was organized by the Sri Lanka Amarapura-Ramagna Samagri Maha Sangha Sabha where it was further emphasized not to get caught up in the efforts of some few people to create racism and religious extremism.
It was emphasized that among the basic roles to be performed by appointing a president from the parliament, it is essential to act to prevent racism and religious extremism from re-emerging. Reverend Attangane Sasanarathana Thero, Prof. Reverend Attangane Ratanapala Thero and Reverend Madampagama Assaji Thero expressed their opinions at this press conference.


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