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Funds received for drug imports –likely to arrive after July!


The government currently has Rs. 450 million to purchase medicines for the health sector, Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said.

The Minister emphasized that the money needed to purchase medicines has been donated to Sri Lanka by various donors and aid groups.

Speaking further on the matter, Minister Rambukwella said, “The annual cash requirement of the country for the purchase of drugs is around US $ 260 million. Therefore, there is now enough money to purchase drugs for the next two years. However, it takes a certain time for the production of the drugs ordered and dispatched to Sri Lanka. We will have to experience some issues pertaining to the availability of drugs during the two months of June and July.After that there is no long term issue regarding drugs. A stockpile of essential medicines and medical equipment in short supply has already been received.”


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