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Gas explosion victims to seek justice overseas


Convener of the Gas Victims' Association - Milinda Premaratne says that measures will be taken to seek justice at international courts, for those who were victimised by recent LP gas explosions in the country.

Noting that they are facing a situation where no solutions can be sought within Sri Lanka, Mr. Premaratne says their association will seek justice at an international court if the government and the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka fail to provide a solution soon.

Noting that there have been more than 900 gas explosions, leaks and gas related fires across the country of late, Mr. Premaratne says that Litro is responsible for the seven deaths that had taken place due to these.

He also revealed that Litro had imported 800,000 cylinders and spare parts from India from 2015 to 2019 and experts had stated that these equipment and gas cylinders were of  substandard quality.

He alleges that although a complaint has been lodged with the HRCSL, they have received no solution so far and the recommendations of the Presidential commission appointed to investigate the matter too, is yet to give any recommendations.


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