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Global crisis pushes Canadian economy into trouble


While most of the economic pundits in South Asia are raising fingers at Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for the current economic hardship and foreign exchange scarcity, according to media reports, almost all the global economies, including the Canadian economy are already in deep crisis. Amid such situation, Canada’s finance minister Chyrstia Freeland has some expert financial advice for Canadians who are struggling to manage their budgets amid high inflation rates. But Freeland’s advice is being mocked by most of her political opponents as well as a significant portion of Canadians.

In her recent statement, Chyrstia Freeland said, those who are unable to afford their mortgages, rent, school tuition, energy bills (plus the enormous carbon taxes imposed by the Trudeau government), grocery bills, etc. can simply cancel their Disney Plus accounts to cope with the financial woes the Trudeau government has created.


Freeland’s jaw-dropping comment, coming from someone who makes a six-digit salary, is an indication of how clueless the Leftist elites are, and how uncaring they are about the poor, while pretending to be their advocates.

The tweets capture the many levels of absurdity and insult embedded within Freeland’s comment, including the fact that Freeland unilaterally decided for her own older kids and other older Canadian kids that “you’re older now, you don’t want to watch Disney anymore, let’s cut that Disney Plus subscription”. Never mind the fact that Disney includes other packages for older kids and adults. As an aside, there is no sympathy here for Disney, a woke organization that was dealt a public blow by its fellow Leftist Freeland.


The Trudeau government has created Canada’s troubled economy through its lavish spending and COVID mandate overreach, which led to the Freedom Convoy. Freeland was also the one to announce the totalitarian-style freezing of the bank accounts of those linked to the protests.

Some headlines about how the Trudeau government wrecked Canada’s economy:

Trudeau and Biden double down on efforts to destroy our economy

Trudeau government weakened Canada’s economy well before COVID-19

Trudeau government has pushed federal spending to the highest level in Canadian history

Trudeau inherited a rich Canada and turned it into an economic mess in just 6 years

Trudeau Who Killed Canada, Now Seeking To Kill Nationalism

Trudeau government ignores dreary economic numbers

The list goes on. And watch now as Freeland dodges a question from CTV news about her Disney Plus comments, and instead clumsily insults struggling Canadians even more, in the most patronizing and cringeworthy manner:


“Chrystia Freeland’s Disney+ comments upset Canadians: ‘Insulting on multiple levels,’” by Elianna Lev, Yahoo News, November 7, 2022:

Canadians are puzzled by a comment made by Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, in which she offered a personal example of a way she’s cutting back on spending for her family amid soaring inflation and rising prices.

Speaking in an interview with Global News, Chrystia Freeland touched on topics like inflation, the spike in cost of living and what the Liberal government is doing to help during these exceptionally challenging times.


Freeland acknowledged Canadians are looking closely at the way they’re spending and offered an example of one way her family is cutting back on monthly expenses.

“I personally, as a mother and wife, look carefully at my credit card bill once a month,” she said. “And last Sunday, I said to the kids, ‘you’re older now. You don’t watch Disney anymore. Let’s cut that Disney+ subscription. So we cut it. It’s only $13.99 a month that we’re saving, but every little bit helps.”

Many on social media took issue with that comment, describing it as tone-deaf and out of touch, considering her salary is in the six digits.

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