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Government preparing for cowardly & bloody conspiracies – Anura Dissanayake


JVP leader Anura Dissanayake warned that instead of answering the people’s problems, the government is preparing for a cowardly & bloody process by launching many conspiracies.
He gave this warning with relevant evidence at a press conference held at the party head office today (6th). He said that the letter sent by the Inspector General of Police to the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, the fake videotape prepared linking the JVP and its leader Anura Dissanayake to certain incidents that would occur and the formation of an interim force that can be led at the behest of the members of the ruling party, etc., raises doubts about this plan of the government.
Mr Dissanayake said, “It has been confirmed that the Gotabaya-Ranil government has failed to fulfil the people’s basic needs. A certain section of people believed that Ranil Wickramasinghe would intervene and solve the problems. The situation is now more dangerous than when he was appointed. Because of this, a series of agitations have been launched to oust the Gota-Ranil government.
Our party launched a series of agitations in five major cities. These agitations will be launched in many more cities in the future. Also, various other organizations and political parties affiliated to us, the Bhikkhu organization, the farmers’ movement, the trade union movement, the youth movement, are launching joint agitations. The reasonable demands of the people are based on two things. As the government is unable to take immediate measures to free the people from the oppression they are in, the people have to inevitably act to oust the Gota-Ranil government. Due to the failure of the government, a large protest to oust it has been prepared based on Galle Face on the 9th. We are
supporting the general public and are participating in this protest. The government is dealing with people’s uprisings by deploying the police and the army to inhumanely attack, chases, and intimidate people.
It has been decided to deploy five village guards who follow orders of the MPs. In addition, it has been decided to form an interim force around the members of the government. In addition to these two points, thirdly, the letter sent by the Inspector General of Police to the Defense Secretary on the 27th, states that there is a plan to detonate bombs in the North and South targeting the ‘Black Tiger’ celebrations held on the 5th and 6th, a foreign secret service is involved working and the responsibility would be put on the LTTE.
Apart from that, the Inspector General of Police has informed in that letter that there is a plan to attack the MPs and damage the property by referring to our party and another party. In this regard, I have previously held a press conference on the 5th and particular points were made in the Parliament as well. The Inspector General of Police should disclose the facts based on this letter to the country. Is this letter the idea of ​​the Inspector General? Or is it a result of the government asking the Inspector General of Police to do so? He should be fully responsible for submitting such a false and dangerous written statement.
More than all these facts, a very dangerous video has been circulating in the social media since the 5th. The video shows that someone from the JVP is giving instructions to party members on how to prepare a petrol bomb, that I have instructed them to strip the bombs to their bodies and raid the President’s office on the 9th and oust the President and appoint me as the President.
This is a very dangerous creation. The purpose of this video is to send a message to the society that there are plans to escalate people’s uprisings into bomb attacks, that there are plans to kill and that the JVP is lead such attacks. Now the technology is advanced. The government should immediately investigate who created this video and who released it on social media. Just yesterday I called the minister in charge of police and asked him to conduct a comprehensive investigation into this matter. Today, our legal teams will hand over this video to the CID. The CIB should carry out a comprehensive investigation on this and tell the country who created the video, Whose voice is in it and who released it to the social media. The government is preparing for a dangerous, cowardly and bloody conspiracy. Rulers who don’t answer questions have carried out such bloody conspiracies in Sri Lanka as well as in other countries.
Planned actions are being launched against political movements in a conspiratorial and slanderous manner to intimidate the people’s just uprisings. The IGP’s letter, the request for arms by the members of the government, and this video clip raise serious doubts about such a conspiracy.
There were times when young people were arrested overnight even if they put up a small post against the President. There were times when people were intimidated and arrested over a small audio tape. If the CID cannot find facts regarding this video, we have a reasonable doubt that it is the work of the government. It would confirm that it is a Gotabaya-Ranil distorted administration’s conspiracy process. The government should carry out a comprehensive investigation in this regard and disclose all relevant facts to the country within a short period of time.
If this is not a video created by the government, then it should be revealed to the country who as to created it and released it on social media. We say to Gotabaya’s government not to answer the legitimate questions of the people with such ridiculous and deadly things.
Gotabaya should understand that if he tries to slander the JVP, tries to create a false image, and undermine the people’s trust through such cowardly actions, it is a failed attempt. We have a reasonable doubt that the government wanted to create such a situation. Minister Manusha Nanayakkara also has given material in the Parliament to support the government’s intentions.
Neither we nor organizations or individuals in the struggle need a conflict situation to create this kind of situation. We have emphasized on many occasions that the protestors should maintain maximum peace. It has been emphasized they should organize in such a way that not even a stone should be in their hands. We emphasize to the people to act very peacefully in the upcoming agitations. It has been shown that the government is preparing for cowardly and bloody conspiracies. We urge the President and the Prime Minister to listen to the voice of the people and leave without engaging in such petty and childish conspiracies.”


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