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Govt. at risk of losing the majority ; PM to change?


General Secretary of the Samagi Jana Balawega  - Ranjith Maddumabandara says that the government will soon lose the majority power they hold in the Parliament.

He also claims that another group of 10 independent MPs is to cross over to the opposition soon and this will result in the number of government MPs becoming 110.

Therefore, it is certain that the government will lose the majority power.

He said that the SJB will hold a special discussion with these groups in the future and take an appropriate political decision.

With that, Mr. Maddumabandara claims that it will not be possible to pass the 22nd constitutional amendment that the government is currently working to pass in parliament.

At present, it is said that there are only 120 MPs and ministers in the ruling party benches along with the Speaker while there are 105 MPs in the opposition benches.

Meanwhile, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that the opposition is holding discussions to appoint a new PM in parliament.


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