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Govt to take many steps to address fuel crisis in Tourism Sector


Many steps are being taken to address the fuel problem affecting the Tourism Sector, revealed Minister Harin Fernando, during a discussion held yesterday (06) in Kalutara with people involved in tourism.

“The fuel problem is the problem that directly affects the Tourism Sector. We need to find solutions for that first. Now we are working to locate ten fuel stations in ten places in Sri Lanka that only supply fuel to the Tourism Industry. Also, we have put another paper in the Cabinet, because Asok Leyland company has a mobile fuel filling machine with a dispenser attached to the Bowser. We have certain amount of funds in our Tourism Promotion Bureau, from which we may collect some of it and distribute fuel to the tourists. Then, the Power and Energy Ministry has brought in some proposals to give us the fuel needed for the Tourism Industry after 09th, same as that App. For now, we have done a little work. One, we have declared the Tourism Industry an essential service. Because, otherwise there may not be fuel to be found. We have also started an initiative of distributing petrol from Army camps and diesel from nearest depots,” the Minister said.



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