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Greater benefits for legal remittances!


The Cabinet has approved a proposal to raise the duty-free facility based on the foreign exchange remitted to the country through legal channels by expatriate workers.

This proposal has been made with the aim of encouraging the amount of foreign exchange that migrant workers send to Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, the cabinet approved the proposal to grant a license to import a two-wheeled electric vehicle with a value equal to 50% of the amount of foreign exchange sent to Sri Lanka through legal methods.

Accordingly, if you remit over $3,000 to the country through your own or a family member's account, you can get a vehicle in this way, the minister said at the cabinet press briefing held today.

However, the minister said that these vehicles are not allowed to be charged through the national grid, and this import concession is given so that they could import an off-grid solar power system that is required for it.


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