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Health trade unions to launch strike over fuel shortage


In the shortage of fuel and disruption of passenger transport, the majority of health workers are unable to report for duty, revealed trade unions. In the backdrop, the trade unions have concluded not to report for duty tomorrow and the day after.

The strike action is being endorsed by 08 units responding to the health sector including public health inspectors, midwives, laboratory technicians ad entomologists representing the Supplementary Medical Services United Front, said Union Chief Upul Rohana.

The government yesterday (27) declared that fuel will be issued only to essential services from midnight and as the health sector being declared as an essential service, fuel should also be issued to health workers. However, the trade unions disclosed that the distribution of fuel for health workers is not being carried out properly.

Most of the passenger buses are out of service and only the buses of the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) are in operation. In the backdrop, it has not been possible to report for duty using public transport, Rohana noted.



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