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Hemasiri Fernando awarded life membership of the Commonwealth Games Federation


Hemasiri Fernando has been awarded life membership of the Commonwealth Games Federation. It was announced yesterday at its Annual General Assembly held in Birmingham. Hemasiri Fernando has done outstanding work as the President of the Sri Lanka Olympic Committee and was the person who took the initiative to build its headquarters building.

The home of the Sri Lanka Olympic Committee, which has been praised by Olympic representatives from various countries as the most attractive national Olympic home, is especially appreciated by Sergi Bubka, who is a senior vice-president of the International Athletics Association and an honorary member of the International Olympic Committee, nicknamed the Flying Man. The Auditorium of the Olympic Committee is known as the Hemasiri Fernando Auditorium.

Hemasiri Fernando has represented Sri Lanka in the shooting event and has been fond of sports since his school days. Hemasiri, who has been involved in athletics, basketball, and football, has led the Colombo University team in cricket during his university life.

Hemasiri Fernando, who distinguished himself as a Navy officer, after retiring from service, joined a large portion of work as an administrative officer in the public service. He chaired Sri Lanka Telecom, Board of Investment, Airport and Aviation Services Authority as well as the People’s Bank, all of those institutions are fit for tomorrow’s world. He can be named as a forward-looking administrator who made sacrifices in the midst of various obstacles to shape the way.

Hemasiri Fernando, who has worked as the Prime Minister’s Secretary, has also worked as the President’s Chief of Staff. Hemasiri Fernando, who has worked as the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense as well as the Secretary of the Ministry of Posts, carried out a pioneering mission to match many of the functions of the Ministry of Posts with new technology.

He is highly interested in stamp collecting and railways and works with great dedication to further educate the Sri Lankan community in this regard. ‘A Railway Museum’ is one of his dreams and he has a big plan to bring additional income to the Railway Department. Also, the luxury train managed by the Sri Lanka Railway Department is Hemasiri Fernando’s personal train.

Essays on Ceylon Railways, The Uva Railway, Railway to the Moon and The Viceroy Special are their works done by him. There is a great possibility that a controversial work that will reveal the political and social reality of this country will be published by him.

Hemasiri Fernando, who does not hesitate to make bold decisions and statements, and who always wants to see the world and pursues up-to-date knowledge, is still young in his abilities.

LNW heartily congratulates Hemasiri on the honor bestowed upon Sri Lanka by qualifying for life membership of the Commonwealth Games Federation as a Sri Lankan!


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