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 History is vindicating us – we must turn it in the direction of victory – Anura Dissanayake


“History is vindicating us. We should turn it towards the direction of victory. Today, hundreds of people have joined the struggle that you fought alone. With the greatest respect for the heroes of 88-89, we must build the world they wished for by collecting the love and devotion in our hearts for them, says Anura Disinayake, the leader of the JVP.

He said this while delivering the commemorative speech at the 33rd Commemoration of November Heroes held at Vihara Maha Devi Open Air Theater in Colombo on the13th.

He said, “Tens of thousands of our dear comrades, including the founder of our party, Comrade Rohana Wijeweera, were taken away forever by the murderers of the UNP 33 years ago. We are gathered here today to use their sacrifices as a model and discuss how we can build the world they wished for. Everyone knows that our party has had victories as well as defeats. The heroines and heroes taken away from us in 88-89 bring optimistic hopes about our achievements in times of great difficulty. They bring us courage, strength and guidance. How correct the significant role of the era of 88-89 was is confirmed again and again today. Many enemies worked to suppress and distort the true history. But we all have a deep understanding of those goals. We are not the only ones who have that understanding today. The entire society has been shown that our class should gain power. The reason why this society must be changed is vividly shown when patients have no medicine in hospitals, children have no facilities in schools, workers lose their jobs, farmer s have to abandon their farms and when people are fed up and leave the country.

Today, most people in our society say that this society should be changed entirely. People who foresaw this danger a long time ago sacrificed their lives to change it. Today, we commemorate those great heroes. Today, there is widespread agitation in the country that the political culture and economic path that destroyed our country must be changed.

Like the present, JRJayawardena’s first executive presidency was not appointed by the people. J.R. got on to the presidential chair due to a constitutional conflict. In 1977, the people did not vote to create an executive power. Such a presidency abolished all systems of a civilized society. Using the Prevention of Terrorism Act, thousands of people in our country were detained in camps only with the signature of the Defense Minister.

J.R.’s nephew is also doing the same thing. Ranil Wickramasinghe is also preparing not to hold the election as scheduled. People in the north and south stood up against the shrinking of democracy. Suppression was launched against democratic movements in the south. Then  Jaffna library was set on fire, vote robbers were launched, and a background was set for Prabhakaran to create suicide bombers.

Our heroic comrades fought against J.R. Jayawardene’s repressive anti-democratic measures. IfJR was a tiger, then Ranil is only a kitten. He tries to possess J.R. and do what J.R. did. JVP is the political movement that sacrificed its life for democracy. If Ranil Wickramasinghe acts to do what J.R. did, it will be the JVP that will come forward to defeat him. The JVP shall take the lead in the struggle against the postponement of elections. Blood and tears have flowed from mothers and fathers to fill rivers in the north and the south. Many people try to incite us. But we would not get agitated. Those who killed many of our comrades since 1994 are trying to teach us the lesson of democracy. We will take measures to bring the top politicians and officials responsible for those killings to justice. It would be good if the current Senior DIG also thinks about what happened to the former Senior DIG Anura Senanayake who tried to protect criminals.

J.R. Jayawardena said that the open economic policy introduced in 1977 will build a Singapore. As such, we invite the gentlemen of the police to transform the police into a police that protects the rights of the citizens instead of suppressing the rights of the citizens. It can be seen that there are some officers who do not protect not only the rights of the common people but also the rights of female police officers. In the ‘Aragalaya’, the majority of police officers and military officers stood on the side of the common people. Even though Ranil Wickramasinghe had a crazy mind, no official in this country who has a human heart has the right to submit to those orders. The JVP is not ready to put its foot in the death traps set by the government.

Freedom is not preserved in a country that is deprived of economic independence. It should be remembered that the freedom, honour and pride of the motherland is preserved based on economic freedom. Today, we have lost our economic independence. The IMF prepares the budget presented by Ranil Wickramasinghe. The IMF orders the sale of public institutions. Ranil is just a puppet.

Our comrades saw the danger of the 1978 initiative to deprive economic independence. They saw that the consequences would lead to the loss of the country and the people. Against that, a large popular uprising took place in 1988-1989. The likes of Ranil Wickramasinghe, JR Jayawardene won temporarily. Since then, the speed of the country’s total economic collapse increased. Today we have to combine the struggle for rights and the struggle for power and lead to victory. Combining the new economic journey of the motherland with the journey against oppression is necessary. Also, the ugly and disgraceful political culture needs to be changed. About a decade ago, the slogan against fraud and corruption came out only from our mouths. Some people thought that Mahinda would not work like that. But after about a decade, a public struggle came out to expel the defrauded family. During the elections, everyone talks about fraud and corruption on the stage. But in Sri Lanka a system that makes the country poor and the rulers rich has been maintained. Only the JVP fights to punish those fraudsters and corrupt people. Only the JVP will carry out that fight and bring a new constitution to confirm the democratic rights of the people.

These rulers cannot bring any good democratic amendment. Theirs is the shrinking path of democracy. Therefore, the fight against stealing people’s property, the struggle for democracy, and the struggle for economic freedom should be launched from a centre where all the progressive organizations led by the JVP  are united. The National People’s Power has been built as the main people’s centre for that purpose. We would like to emphasize that we are not at all ready to replace the mass movement with gangs and cliques. The enemy is greatly disturbed in this regard. The insults that were unleashed against us on behalf of the Rajapaksa camp two or three years ago have now been unleashed on behalf of Ranil. It is emphasized that the heroines and heroes of 1988-1989 have shown us that none of these insults will affect us even by a speck of dust. The political arena is centred on the National People’s Power and the JVP. The NPP has been made the ideal battleground to build this country. That’s why the enemy is worried from all sides. The people are also declaring that they are rallying around the NPP. That is why a camp is being formed against us. People defeated this camp as they disrobed themselves before the people on November 2nd. We have formed 3,500 divisional councils within the last four months. The NPP and the JVP are creating an unprecedented political centre in Sri Lanka by equipping the people politically. We know that the enemy, who does not allow it to grow freely, is disturbed. Therefore, the enemy builds separate camps and insults us. But we, who have learned lessons from the heroes and heroines of 1988-1989, emphasize that we will defeat all those conspiracies.

After many decades a very good opportunity has been created in Sri Lanka. The Rajapakse camp has Sunnah been completely disarrayed, and a group of whiners has been left behind. This special opportunity that has come in politics should be used to make the change demanded by the people by facing it with courage. The burden of pain in the hearts of heroines and heroes of 88-89 is in our hearts. We have the burden of honour of those comrades in our hearts. Above all, there is the burden of our failure to create the world they wished for. Although we have been addressing the Commemorations of November Heroes for many years, bow we must intervene to make the unity of the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim people, building the collapsed economy and the path of equitable distribution of the benefits of the economy to the people successful.

You are the ones who have appeared alone but fearlessly in the village. Today, people everywhere say that what you said then was right. Today, people from all walks of life have started saying that your policy and your voice are correct. History is vindicating us. We should turn it towards the direction of victory. Today, hundreds of people have joined the fight that you fought alone. With utmost respect to the heroes and heroines of 88-89, we must build the world they wished for by adding love and devotion in our hearts for them.

This is not just a battle of contradictions. The mass movement spearheaded by the NPP has reached the point of gaining power. Instead of the voice of the opposition, the voice of the people’s rights, we have come to the path of acquiring power. Therefore, the enemy is more afraid of us than the battle that was then. The ruling class is more afraid than ever to give up its power. They have the power of black money, the power of the media, and the power of the hoodlums. It was proved a few months ago that people’s power is stronger than all those powers. Our Divisional Council, our Constituency Council, should be built into the strongest political structure. People should be organized further. It has been proven in the recent past that if this is not done, people will end up with unpleasant experiences no matter how much they struggle. This country no longer needs fractional victories. In 1988-1989, the JVP formed the strongest people’s movement to defeat the enemy under more difficult conditions. With courage and faith, and honesty to the work we all do, we can certainly build a movement that can win the people at this time. Everyone is invited to rally with us.”


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