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HRCSL demands explanation from IGP


The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has demanded an explanation from the IGP for Sunday's police violence at a public memorial event peacefully commemorating those who had fallen during the 'Aragalaya' movement since April 09.

However even before the demonstration began, hundreds of heavily armed police intervened and a heated situation arose.

The HRCSL decided to launch an investigation of its own and has given the IGP 24 hours to explain on what grounds police dispersed the commemoration.

Footage of police brutality against two small children who had come with their parents to Galle Face Green had gone viral since last evening, sparking widespread public outrage.

A 16-year-old boy who was also detained by police was released on Sunday (9) night, with no explanation from police as to why the child had been arrested.

Four adults who were arrested at Galle Face Green on Sunday (9) were released on personal bail of Rs. 500,000/- each by the Fort Magistrate on Monday (10).

Meanwhile, a group of lawyers and several trade unions staged a peaceful protest in front of the Galle Face Green in Colombo today (10) evening as well.

The demonstration was held demanding the repeal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) and to stop acts of suppression using the PTA.


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