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HRCSL officials at Galle Face (Video)


Officials of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) had visited the Galle Face area, hours after the pre-dawn attack on the protestors by Armed forces.

The officials were seen taking notes while talking with the lawyers representing the protestors as well with police officers deployed at the scene.

However, they were allowed by the police to observe the situation at the Presidential Secretariat. 

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Earlier in the morning, the HRCSL had condemned the attack in a statement, calling it a 'a total violation of the fundamental rights of the people by the actions of the Executive.'

They had noted that they too 'will conduct an independent investigation in order to ensure the rule of law is maintained.'

The organisation called on the government to identify the perpetrators, to take necessary action and to ensure such actions by the Military or any such actions within the control of the government which violates fundamental rights of the public will not occur again.

(Video : Voice Tube)



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