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Hydro-power generation soared to 14 per cent: State Minister


Colombo (LNW): Hydro-power generation in Sri Lanka has risen to 14 per cent, said Power and Energy State Minister Indika Anuruddha.

Hydro-power generation was at 11 – 12 per cent in recent times due to the dry weather conditions, but despite the intensified showery conditions in many parts of the island lately, areas surrounding hydro-power plants have not yet received enough rainfall, the Minister revealed.

He noted that engineers from the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau, the National Building Research Organisation and the Ceylon Electricity Board are conducting an investigation into the water leakages of the Samanala Wewa reservoir, and research activities are also ongoing to address the issue.

Earlier, it was reported that six water leakage points have been identified in the reservoir contributing to the dropping of the water level.


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