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I won't be responsible if a blackout is caused – Ranil (Video)


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that discussions are underway with India to purchase fuel and coal as the Line of Credit granted by the nation is coming to an end.

The Prime Minister, pointing out that Sri Lanka does not have fuel and coal to generate electricity, in addition to having a fertilizer, medicine and a food shortage, said that discussions with India will resume once again for purchasing fuel and coal.

He said that the Line of Credit granted by India for the purchase of essentials is also coming to an end.

Further stating that children have to study at night while electricity and fuel supplies of the country are at a crisis, the Prime Minister firmly advised for anyone to not to cause a blackout.

“If we are not at an emergency, why would we continue to ask for fuel and coal? Do not cause a blackout. Then I will not be held responsible,” he added.


(Video : Voicetube)

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