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Illegitimate government, immediately halt repression!


Press conference convened by the Federation of University Teachers Associations (FUTA)

FUTA is convening an urgent press conference at 2.00 PM tomorrow (05/08/2022) at the Gota Go Gama premises (GGG) to call for an immediate halt to the repression of aragalaya activists by the government. During this press conference, FUTA will announce a series of interventions it has planned to protect the democratic spirit of the aragalaya and to express its solidarity with the leadership of aragalaya. As a professional trade union representing all regions, religions, communities, and a diverse range of disciplines in this country we are appalled at how the democratic gains of the aragalaya are being reversed by this government which has no legitimacy. We wish to reiterate our commitment to the spirit and ideals of the aragalaya and invite all media organizations to provide wide coverage to the press conference and contribute to the safeguarding of the spirit of democratic citizens activism that emerged during the last few months in Sri Lanka.

For any further details on the press conference, please contact: 


Mr. Nadeesh De SilvaProf S. Banneheka

Rohan Laksiri Secretary-FUTA

074 0082016 071 7804140


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