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“In search of Young Climate Changemakers in Sri Lanka” Applications are now open!


Climate Action Champions Network to select 100 individuals to lead Climate Action Policies and Initiatives in South Asia 

COLOMBO-June 28, 2022: The United States Department of State, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Development Journalist Forum (SDJF), Genlab, Observer Research Foundation (ORF), and Pavilion Group, launched the Climate Action Champions Network (CACN), that will support 100 individuals from Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan as they lead climate action policies and initiatives in their respective countries, as well as the wider South Asia and Indo-Pacific Region.

Climate Change is a critical transnational threat, with South Asia being one of the most affected regions. The Climate Action Champions Network (CACN) is a timely initiative that will raise awareness and encourage action. This program will appoint 100 young individuals over a 12 -month period to work together to drive policy and programs that combat climate change in South Asia and the Indo-Pacific Region.

Commenting on the initiative, U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Julie Chung stated: “Climate-related challenges in South Asia cut across borders. The region’s ability to address the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change will have an enormous impact on youth populations. This is a fantastic opportunity for young changemakers to influence policy and an initiative that will encourage young people to take an active role in promoting environmental conservation.”

The cohort will work on specific thematic areas such as the green technology industry, climate change impact on biodiversity, climate-smart agriculture, climate finance, and climate change policymaking. They will also delve into the broader climate change and development agenda, examining how climate change intersects with developmental indicators such as gender, global health, and urbanization.

“We are looking forward to receiving applications from promising individuals, and it is an enormous honor to be part of the steering committee for such a worthy cause. Climate change, a hot-button issue and a critical phenomenon that could surely determine the fate of humanity and its future course, has been a prime concern, by and large, for all the nations irrespective of their political or economic agenda. As youth are crucial strata in virtually all societies, they are the most vibrant actors of the change and progress; when it comes to mitigating and addressing Climate Change, the same principle is valid.  If you believe you are the change, this is the call for you. We will be at every guiding footstep of our young changemakers and will provide the necessary support,” added Dr. Darshana Ashoka Kumara the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Development Journalist Forum, while taking the lead in delivering the message to the youth in Sri Lanka.

Applications are now being accepted and can be found on the SDJF’s official website. Enthusiastic individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 who are passionate about climate action and advocacy, are analytical, and demonstrate leadership qualities and innovation are strongly encouraged to apply for the program by July 15, 2022. For further information contact [email protected].


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