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India suspends wheat flour exports – bakery industry at risk


India has decided to completely suspend the export of wheat flour. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the production of wheat flour has been hampered, and due to this, India has decided to maintain its stocks of wheat flour as a safety reserve.

Due to this situation, the importers have informed the Ministry of Commerce that the import of wheat flour to Sri Lanka has been completely stopped.

Due to the heat of the Russia-Ukraine war, a wheat flour crisis has emerged all over the world. Most of the world’s wheat flour is produced in Ukraine, and the war has disrupted wheat flour production and exports.

Importers of wheat flour say that it was possible to import wheat flour through India very easily. Due to the emerging situation, wheat flour has to be imported only from Turkey and due to this, the shortage of wheat flour in the country will be further aggravated.

The price of a kilo of wheat flour imported from India had gone up to 350 rupees and bakery owners recently said that due to this situation, the price of a pound of bread will have to be increased to at least 250 rupees.


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