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Indian Naval Ship ‘Delhi’ arrives in SL


The Indian Naval Ship (INS) ‘Delhi’ arrived at the port of Colombo on a formal visit yesterday (01) morning. The visiting ship was welcomed by the Sri Lanka Navy in compliance with naval tradition.

INS ‘Delhi’ is a 163.2m long Destroyer manned by a crew of 450 and the ship is commanded by Captain Abhishek Kumar. Meanwhile, the Commanding Officer of the ship called on Commander Western Naval Area, Rear Admiral Suresh De Silva at the Western Naval Command Headquarters this morning.

During the ship’s stay, the crew will take part in several programmes organised by the Sri Lanka Navy, with a view to promoting cooperation and goodwill between two navies. They are also expected to visit some of the tourist attractions in the country.

In addition, INS ‘Delhi’ has made arrangements to open the ship for the visit of school children. Further, training exchanges are scheduled to be held aboard, involving naval personnel from both navies. The ship is expected to depart the island on 03rd September and she will conduct a Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with a ship of Sri Lanka Navy, off Colombo.

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